Code of Conduct

Everyone coming to HopperHacks 2022 wants to have a good time, and we want to ensure that you do. To this end, we are holding everyone (attendees, volunteers, and mentors alike) to these rules. These rules apply to in-person interactions as well as our virtual platforms such as Discord, YouTube, and Zoom.

Respect everyone around you.

Everyone here is a human being with thoughts and feelings of their own. Respect everyone’s boundaries, be considerate, and think before you speak.

We will not tolerate disruptive behavior or harassment of any kind.

If you actively harass, discriminate against, or hurt any other attendee, we will remove you from the event and you will be disqualified. Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable environment to hack and have fun in, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, transgender status, disability, or any other characteristic of their being. Remember that bias (sexism, homophobia, etc.) can be subtle. Do not be lewd or tell crass jokes.

Remember that many other attendees may not be as experienced as you.

You may think that your showing off won’t hurt anyone, but it may put people down and make them feel unqualified to be here. If someone doesn’t know something, don’t be dramatic and make them feel dumb. Instead, teach them about it. They probably know a lot that you don’t, too.

Do not be a sore loser or sore winner.

Yes, you are competing for prizes. And yes, you should be competitive and try to make your hack the best it can be. But don’t go overboard. If you spend all of your time trying to one-up someone else, neither of you will enjoy yourselves. HopperHacks aims to be as stress-free an environment as possible.

Our links are only for those attending and participating in HopperHacks. Some perks from our company sponsors only apply to those attending, and our Zoom meetings should be a safe environment. If we encounter anyone violating the rules above, we will remove you from the event and you will be disqualified.


By coming to HopperHacks, you agree to abide by all of these rules. If you violate these rules, we will give you a warning. If you continue to violate them, you will be disqualified and asked to leave.

If you experience any issues, harassment, or discrimination; if anyone is doing anything to make you or others uncomfortable; if you fear for your safety or the safety of someone else, please do not hesitate to tell us. You can reach out to a WiCS E-Board member via direct message or email at

If you hear or see anyone doing something against the rules, or being rude, don’t be afraid to tell them so. In many cases, especially if it’s subtle, they may not know that they are doing something wrong. If they become confrontational, we will intervene. Please help us make HopperHacks a good experience for everyone.